June 14, 2024


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We Ate 20 Items at Restoran Dragon One, SS2, Petaling Jaya

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Steamed rice flour roll with duck meat and crab sauce at RM 3.20. This really raised my eyebrows. Rice flour roll or cheong fun with duck meat. That was my first. Surprisingly, the duck meat was crispy and together with the crab sauce, this dish was significantly unique. The combination all together was a new experience. For RM 3.20, a Chinese would say “Dai Dou Lan La!” (damn bloody cheap!)

Spring roll with “you tiao” was next. This is a common dish in dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong as well as in Sydney and Melbourne. This dish gave us a de-javu, we used to have it in Sydney.

Steamed fish skin dumpling with oyster sauce @ RM 4.50. I loved how they make the meat fillings.

The feast continued with deep fried prawn roll with squid paste and cheese @ RM 4.80. This was delicious.

Deeo fried spring roll with unagi and yoghurt @ RM 5.20. The usage of unagi with the fried spring roll was my first. I began to realize also how creative the dishes in this restaurant could be. Well, spring roll with unagi, speechless!

Deep fried prawn roll with orange sauce @ Rm 4.80. Another simple dish made special, with the usage of orange sauce. Addictive!

Shanghai pan-fried meat buns @ RM 5.00.

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