June 25, 2024


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ORIS Col Moschin Travel Mission

This was a fun adventure travel mission sponsored by Oris Watches Malaysia. For this travel mission, I was flown to Tioman Island for a 2Days 1 Night. There we were grouped as platoons to accomplish our missions. It was one of the best events I have ever experienced. I have split the story to four stories so it is easier to digest.
Travel Mission ORIS Col Moschin Part 1: Journey to Mission Destination, Tioman Island, MALAYSIA

Travel Mission Oris Col Moschin Part 2: Platoon Formations

Travel Mission Oris Col Moschin Part 3: Missions and Finale

Travel Mission Oris Col Moschin Part 4: NEW Oris Col Moschin Limited Edition in MALAYSIA 

Read our four parts adventure and understand why this is one of our best events ever we participated! It was not just an ordinary events but an adventure. Thank you Oris Malaysia for such a memorable event and also congrats for their new watch.

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