March 30, 2023

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Trang Famous Food: Crispy Pork, Swiss Roll, Cakes and Pastries

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Trang Famous Food: Crispy Pork, Swiss Roll, Cakes and Pastries

Remember we blogged about our two days adventures in Krabi and Trang? Here’s the recap: Krabi Trang Holiday Day One: Ku La Ka Sai Restaurant, Tham Le Cave, Pak Meng Beach Resort, Krabi Trang Holiday Day Two Part One: Pak Meng Beach, Koh Chuak Island and Koh Mah Island and Krabi Trang Holiday Day Two Part Two: Koh Kradan Island, Emerald Cave (Marakot) at Koh Mook Island and Sunset Pak Meng Beach. Before I continue with Day Three, let me bring you to the town of Trang for the famous food!

Our guide brought us to the town to get the best food as we were told. As Thailand is popular as pork meat exporter, Trang has its own pork delicacy that is worth a try, it is the crispy pork.

We thought we would see a typical old man butchering the pork meats but it was a lady with the knife and the chopping board. With so many crispy pork bellies available for sale, this stall must be popular with the locals.

We ordered a small plate for us to try. The crispy pork belly is similar to Chinese version of “siew yuk” but they deep fried the pork unlike the Chinese methodology of roasting. The crispy pork is delicious and sinful.

Do not attempt to do the calories count here, not in Trang and not in Thailand. The best part of all, you do not need to dig deep in your pocket for this.

After the sinful experience with the crispy pork, we walked to the next shop for another popular food in Trang, the cakes and the pastries.

Dozens of different swiss rolls, cakes and pastries were stacked up like bricks and the flavours available were adventurous. The flavours include yam (taro), orange, pandan, coconut, banana, butter, fruits and coffee flavours. They have swiss rolls, puffs, cakes and even mooncakes!

With so many selections, we were spoilt for choices. The best part was three boxes of cakes/pastries were only 100 baht (RM 10, US$ 3.5)! That was really a steal!

The address of the crispy pork is as below:

Here is the map:

We have tried to get something in English but they didn’t have it. Print it out or something and try your luck!

Wait! That was not all of it. Check out our full adventure in the next few days, which includes our journey back to Krabi and also our attempt on Krabi’s famous duck noodle!

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