February 2, 2023

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喫茶下下味亭 Review, Nara Japan

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喫茶下下味亭 Review, Nara Japan

In our trip to Nara, Japan last year, we found a hidden gem in the land of the deer. It is a small restaurant by the name of 喫茶下下味亭. On our way back from visiting Todaiji Temple, we stumbled upon a small restaurant beside the Himuro Shrine Nara 氷室神社.

It is located on the first floor and we were greeted by the usual warmth welcome by the staffs there. It was cold outside and we were there for coffee. It has beautiful view of the main road of Noboriojicho Nara, you can see many tourists walking past the restaurant.

I’m never a coffee expert but the coffee there was beautiful.

I am a big fan of their Coffee Vienna. They are generous with the whipped cream and it was a perfect blend.

Even though just a short stop for coffee, I feel that this restaurant deserved to be mentioned for its great services and lovely coffees. You can consider a pit stop if you are walking back to the Nara train station from Todaiji Temple.


喫茶下下味亭 Address, Tel and Phone:

59 Noboriojicho  Nara, Nara Prefecture 630-8213, Japan

+81 742-26-2338

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2 thoughts on “喫茶下下味亭 Review, Nara Japan

  1. Wow! The tall see through glasses is amazing. The lighting is so perfect and the place certainly looks comfortable. Thank you for sharing.

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