May 23, 2024


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3. King George Whiting

King George Whiting is a coastal marine fish and probably unheard of outside Australia. King George Whiting was officially named by Cuvier in 1829 and is one of the best fishes in the region. King George Whiting can be found only near South Australia so it is hard to taste this delectable fish out of Down Under.
port lincoln marina hotel king george whiting
It is usually served as deep fried as Fish and Chips in Port Lincoln. Even though it is deep fried, the meat is still juicy and tender unlike the usual ones.

One of the restaurants you can have a good King George Whiting Fish and Chips is at The Marina Hotel. The restaurant offers a scenic of the port with beautiful ships and yatchs.

The Marina Hotel Address and Contact:

13 Jubilee Dr Port Lincoln SA 5606, Australia

+61 8 8682 6141


0 thoughts on “Top Five Food in Port Lincoln

  1. Wow, this looks like a great eating expedition! The Boston bay mussels, coffin bay oysters and king George whiting are available at some restaurants in Kl, and they taste really good, but I bet they taste even better when fresh at the source!

    1. Hi Sean,

      Thanks for the info, I didn’t know some of the restaurants in Kuala Lumpur offer King George whiting. Yes, it is the best to have it fresh.


  2. I haven’t been in Port Lincoln yet but I would love to visit this wonderful place because its full of fresh sea foods. I want to taste them especially the oysters. Goshhhh!

  3. Amazing!
    Most number of millionaires, really?
    Port Lincoln seems like a really unique place!

    We’re sure to visit the port when we hit the road next month on our rental car.
    Thank You so much!

    Can you also advice us some places around the area where we will be allowed fishing?

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