December 2, 2022

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5. Deep Sea Abalones

(The Fresh Fish Place Market)

It is Port Lincoln’s most prized seafood. It is the deep sea abalones. Abalone divers risk their lives in this competitive and yet lucrative business. Port Lincoln is the home of the infamous Great White Shark and there were casualties among the abalone divers.

(The Black Lips Abalones)

Abalone divers usually dive near a shark cage so they have the chance to avoid shark attacks. The last casualty happened almost two years ago when the abalone diver was attacked and taken by the great white shark. Some of these stories are documented in Discovery Channel series Abalone Wars.

Port Lincoln’s deep sea abalones come with two variants, the black lips abalone and the green lips abalone. I didn’t manage to taste the deep sea abalones in Port Lincoln (as I tried them in Tasmania), the abalones are available for sale in the local fish markets. One of the markets that sell the abalones is the The Fresh Fish Place. They offer advices on how to bring back the abalone and other seafood to your home. They also offer guided tour in the fish market.

The Fresh Fish Place Address and Contact:

20 Prosper Bay Road (opposite the racecourse)

Tel: (08) 8682 2166


Port Lincoln is one hour flight away from Adelaide. You can fly direct to Adelaide from Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines. It is recommended to stay at least two nights in Port Lincoln to discover the food and the beautiful national parks in Eyre Peninsula.

9 thoughts on “Top Five Food in Port Lincoln

  1. Wow, this looks like a great eating expedition! The Boston bay mussels, coffin bay oysters and king George whiting are available at some restaurants in Kl, and they taste really good, but I bet they taste even better when fresh at the source!

  2. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the info, I didn’t know some of the restaurants in Kuala Lumpur offer King George whiting. Yes, it is the best to have it fresh.


  3. I haven’t been in Port Lincoln yet but I would love to visit this wonderful place because its full of fresh sea foods. I want to taste them especially the oysters. Goshhhh!

  4. Amazing!
    Most number of millionaires, really?
    Port Lincoln seems like a really unique place!

    We’re sure to visit the port when we hit the road next month on our rental car.
    Thank You so much!

    Can you also advice us some places around the area where we will be allowed fishing?

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