January 29, 2023

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Darling Harbour 2014 Fireworks

This is a place for love. Here, couples holding hands and kissing are common sight. They might be teenagers or even couples in their golden age, love is breathing in the air. This is Darling Harbour, Sydney and one of the most romantic places I’ve ever been in my life. Countless times I’ve come here with or without Rachel just to chill and relax while enjoying the captivating calm scenery.

Darling Harbour in the afternoon and look at the crowd.

There are plenty of things to do in Darling Harbour. Top notch restaurants and food and beverages outlets to pubs and bars. There are also shopping arcade and places of interests such as museum, zoo, aquarium and boat rides. It is no coincidental when you see the massive crowd in Darling Harbour from day till dark.

Mesmerizing scenery at Darling Harbour in the evening. It is cooling weather even it is Summer.

To put the icing on the cake, there is now fireworks display at Darling Harbour. Thus, firework at Darling Harbour is a big attraction for locals and tourists. It is happening almost every Saturday and the fireworks display is synchronized with music. You can enjoy at any of the food and beverages outlets in Darling Harbour while enjoying the fireworks. Everyone will get a view of it even from the Sydney Tower. The firework starts at 9 pm. Visit Darling Harbour for more info on activities and fireworks display schedule

It is raining but it didn’t stop everyone to enjoy the beautiful fireworks display at Darling Harbour.

Aerial view of Darling Harbour.


These two pictures are taken at Sydney Tower while having buffet. 


Watch the fireworks display video till the end. You can see the crowd braved the rain to watch the fireworks.

There are many places that open till late in Darling Harbour or you can take a brisk walk to The Star after the fireworks display. Plan your holiday with iVenture Card Sydney for various attraction passes with discounted prices in Darling Harbour. Enjoy up to 50% discount with iVenture Card, visit iVenture Card Sydney.

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