October 23, 2021

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Buta Karaage.
ippudo buta karaage
Buta Karaage is deep fried juicy pork loin with special homemade sauce. Their version of deep fried pork loin is not very crispy but it compensated with the juiciness and tenderness of the meat. Dipped it with their special homemade sauce and you will enjoy it.


Nikumiso Tofu Salad

Nikumiso Tofu Salad. Tofu salad is served with Ippudo special minced meat miso paste.


Sake Mentai Rice

Sake Mentai Rice. Rice topped with grilled minced salmon and cod fish roe.


Hakata Momo

Hakata Momo. Absolute Peach, triple sec liquer  and soda


To my understanding, Ippudo uses only the best quality ingredients for their food. If they can’t find a matching local ingredient, they will import them. To them, quality and services come first. That’s why you get real wasabi instead of the powdered wasabi flavoured hot radish.


Ippudo Ramen The Gardens Kuala Lumpur Address:

Lot T-218,

Third Floor,

The Gardens Kuala Lumpur


Ippudo Ramen The Gardens Kuala Lumpur Opening Hour:

10 am – 10pm (daily)

Tel: 03 2201 6238

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