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12 Apostles Helicopter Ride Great Ocean Road

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12 Apostles Helicopter Ride Great Ocean Road

How to get the best view Twelve Apostles and London Bridge of Great Ocean Road? Is it at the Lookout Point or from the bottom? The answer is simple, the 12 Apostles Helicopter Ride.

twelve apostles helicopter

The heli ride is just a few minute driving from the Twelve Apostles Lookout Point. You have options of min 15 min ride and also HD video recording. The basic flight includes 12 Apostles and London Bridge starting from A$145pp (15 min ride) to A$570 (1 hour ride).

twelve apostles helicopter interior

They have two types of helicopters, the 3 passenger seater and the 7 passenger seater. If you are planning a group of friends flying you can plan to take the three or the seven seater helicopter.

twelve apostles sunset view

twelve apostles sunset view placesandfoods

You get the perfect view of the twelve apostles and London bridge with the helicopter ride no matter where you are seated in the helicopter. Depending on hour, you might get different colour tones of the landscape of the apostles.

twelve apostles melbourne

It is highly recommended to use the zoom lens for picture. Else, if you have the camera like Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, you do not need to worry about lens changing. I used Samsung NX 30 Smart Camera to capture all my pictures for this helicopter ride.

twelve apostles helicopter view

For more info, visit https://www.12apostleshelicopters.com.au.

twelve apostles helicopter places and foods

This is part of my experience of #NXTRavellerAustralia program sponsored by Samsung and Tourism Victoria. Check out my other #NXTravellerAustralia adventure or check out the website at https://www.smartphotography.asia

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