February 1, 2023

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Oga Kanko Hotel Review

Oga is one of the least known towns in Japan.  It is a coastal town in Akita prefecture and they are popular with its legend of Namahage as well as local dish such as Ishiyaki Ryori.The small town of Oga offers many attractions such as the Namahage Museum, the Namahage Drum Performance as well as Ninomegata Lake.

Now, where to stay in Oga?

Since it is a small town the options are limited and we stayed in Oga Kanko Hotel located on top of the hills of this town.

It is one of the prominent hotels in Oga and it is located at Kusakihara-21 Kitaurayumoto, Oga. The hotel is popular with its hot spring and they have two onsen (hot spring) bath houses in this hotel. Thus, it is walking distance to restaurants in the town as well as the Namahage Drum Performance venue. There are Japanese bars (Izakaya) nearby open till late and it is a great place for supper.

All 90 rooms have windows and ocean views of Sea of Japan as well as the forest. It is claimed that during clear weather, you can see the “Shirakami Sanchi”, UNESCO World Heritage.

With Oga mayor Mr. Yukio Watanabe

We were there with the Malaysian media and travel agents and we were greeted by Oga mayor Mr. Yukio Watanabe. He came all the way to the hotel to welcome us.

Our room is pretty huge. The perk of staying in Akita is the rooms are usually huge unlike the small hotels in Tokyo or Osaka except you pay dearly for huge rooms.

The room is a mixture modern and traditional. They offer beds and also tatami with coffee table. The room also comes with TV and safe.

The bathroom comes with bidet toilet and the bathtub. This is a small bathtub and more like bath box.

Ishiyaki Ryori with Arakabu Fish
Dinner at Oga Kanko Hotel.

The restaurant offers a unique local dish called Ishiyaki Ryori with Arakabu Fish. This dish is cooked by using hot volcanic stones!

Remember the bath house we mentioned earlier, there is one at the top floor and one outdoor. The roof top bath onsen house is called “Manten-no-Yu” and the outdoor onsen bath house is called “Jukai-no-Yu”. The Manten no Yu offers a breathtaking view of the green and the forest.

Oga Kanko Hotel offers spacious comfy rooms, convenience, beautiful onsen bath houses and good food. You can book the hotel via Agoda.com at http://www.agoda.com/oga-kanko-hotel/hotel/akita-jp.html?cid=1538606

For more information to visit Akita Japan, visit Wendy Tour Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/wendytour.to.nippon or visit their website at http://www.wendytour.com.my/.

This trip is sponsored by Tourism Akita and Wendy Tour.

Oga Kanko Hotel Address:

Kusakihara-21 Kitaurayumoto, Oga, Akita Prefecture 010-0687, Japan

Phone: +81 185-33-2121

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