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Lavender Hanjuku Cheese Tart Review

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Lavender Hanjuku Cheese Tart Review

Lavender bakery is Malaysian own bakery from Johor and they are very popular with their bread, pastries and cakes. They are one of the most consistent bakeries in the country even though they have a large number of outlets around Malaysia. Lavender recently offer Hanjuku cheese tarts joining the Japanese baked cheese tart craze in Kuala Lumpur.

lavender hanjuku melting cheese tarts
Lavender Hanjuku Cheese Tart

Now, there are  Hong Kong’s Tokyo Secret, the local brand Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart and also the opening of Pablo, Japan number one baked cheese tart and even from Hong Kong’s John King! 

lavender hanjuku melting cheese tart box

Everyone wants to sell Japanese cheese tart as if there is a frenzy about it. While we are still waiting for Pablo to open in Malaysia, Lavender is the 4th bakery selling Japanese baked cheese tart.

lavender hanjuku melting cheese tart box of three
Lavender Hanjuku Cheese Tart

They are selling at RM 6 per piece and six pieces at RM 33. You get a beautiful Lavender box when you purchase three pieces and above.

lavender hanjuku melting cheese tart size

The Lavender Hanjuku cheese tart is similar size with their competitors. Their version of cheese tart comes with harder crust and the filling is creamy and comes with intense flavour of cheese. It is similar to Hokkaido’s version of baked cheese tart.

lavender hanjuku melting cheese tart
Lavender Hanjuku Cheese Tart, look at how the filling melts!

Their Japanese baked cheese tarts also melts like it should be. The texture of the cheese filling is soft and fragrant. You won’t regret getting this. They baked the cheese tarts from time to time in all their outlets. To best thing about Lavender is they have quite a number of outlets so you can easily buy the cheese tarts easily.

For more info on their locations and menu, you can visit their website at www.lavender.com.my


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  1. everyone’s going crazy over these cheese tart, would love to try it but the price tag, is quite crazy. i’ll settle for my usual rm2.50 chilled cheese tart.

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