February 1, 2023

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Hoob Krapong Learning Centre Petchaburi Royal Thai King Project

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Hoob Krapong Learning Centre Petchaburi Royal Thai King Project

Our recent Thailand media trip was a unique trip. It is all about the Royal Thai King projects by the late King Rama IX. We went to Petchaburi and Hua Hin to explore some of the Royal Thai King projects and Hoob Krapong Learning Centre is one of them. This is a cooperative village project for the locals in Petchaburi and part of King Rama IX’s ‘Sufficiency Economy’ philosophy. Thus, Hoob Krapong Learning Centre helps the local community to work together and helps each other.

Hoob Krapong Learning Centre Petchaburi

At Hoob Krapong Learning Centre in Petchaburi, locals are trained to work on farms and you can see the results are there. There are farms going fruits like rozelle, parsley, asparagus, banana, berries, morning glory flowers and more.

The farms in Hoob Krapong Learning Centre Petchaburi
Asparagus farm
The end product, fresh asparagus!
Rozelle fruits.

These local farmed fruits will turn to food products and handicrafts. This is for the locals to ‘self-sustain’ economically. On top of that, the food they produced are high quality organic food.

Khun Titi from Tourism Authority of Thailand holding a huge papaya.

For me, this is a learning trip and I learned so much on King Rama IX’s ‘Sufficiency Economy’ philosophy projects. That is one of the reasons why Thais love their King. This is a new way of getting to know more about the locals and the livelihood of the Thais. Something different and unique and the usual media trips I must say. We also went to Chang Hua Man Royal Project in Phetchaburi Thailand.

Local handmade products at Hoob Krapong Learning Centre Petchaburi

On top of that, I get to meet many new friends from Asia especially from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

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