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8 Things You Things You Can Do for Mother’s Day with Your Mom

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8 Things You Things You Can Do for Mother’s Day with Your Mom

mothers day
Happy Mother’s Day mummy!

Mother’s Day is coming and are you running out of ideas what to do for your mom? Well, we have 8 cool things you can do for Mother’s Day with your mom. Maybe one of them might actually works for you but anyways here goes.

1.Cook For Her

My mom like most moms out there, she kept us away from kitchen when we were young. Since we have been eating mummy’s food for years why don’t you cook for her during Mother’s Day? Just check out some of the easy recipes on Youtube to surprise her for dinner.

She might like or not like the food you cook (depending how good cook you are) but in her heart, she will cherish the moment and experience with you. Cook for her, surprise her with your cooking and melt her heart with your food.

2.Bring Her for Dinner

If you don’t have the time to cook for her, bring her out for dinner. She will complain why spend that extra money for Mother’s Day but in her heart she is happy.

There are two smart things you can do. Firstly, don’t bring her out on the exact Mother’s Day and get ‘slaughtered’ by restaurants with overpriced menu and second you can use food discount app like The Entertainer so you can buy one main meal and free one main meal.  We teamed up with The Entertainer and you just need to pay the special price of RM 75 which more than 45% OFF the normal price.

Just hit the promo code WILSON2017 or click the link (https://goo.gl/FXdKCA) to this amazing special offer.

We are not teaching you to be stingy but why pay more when you can pay less.

3.Watch Movies with Her with Style

This is something you should do with your mom. Bring her to the movies but don’t lar bring her to the usual cinemas. Bring her to TGV Indulge (in One Utama and Sunway Velocity).

TGV indulge salmon

TGV Indulge is the one and only full dining lifestyle cinema. You can order three course meal before the movies and snacks while in the movies.

tgv indulge full reclining seats
The fully reclined seats with comforter blankets

The cool part is all the seats are fully reclined seats with comforter blankets. She will definitely impress with TGV Indulge as it is more luxurious than what she have experienced before.

Good food with her favourite movies, why not for Mother’s Day?

4.Go Holiday With Her

This is one of the most important things to do with your mom. If you read our blog, we bring our mom to travel almost once every year. This year, we brought our parents to Osaka Japan and previously to Macau and Sydney.

mom fish market
Mom at Sydney Fish Market.

Travel with her when she is still able to walk as she gets older, it will be tougher to bring her to travel. Traveling is a learning and rewarding experience not just for the young ones but for our beloved moms too. Bring her to travel, if you can’t do it far then bring her to ASEAN or even local trips.

You can also get discount on attractions and passes with Klook.com and they have deals in many countries in Asia and Australia too. They have one of the cheapest rates for Japan JR Passes.

5.Bring Her to Spa

mom massage
Mom at Thai Odyssey

This is probably one of my mom’s favourite activities. Bring your mom to a spa and not sure where to go? Well, you should probably check out Thai Odyssey as they have many outlets throughout Malaysia. You know why we like Thai Odyssey so much? They are clean, hygienic and professional. They have Mother’s Day promotion for 2017 and even without promotion, their spa rates are very reasonable. The best part is they have outlets throughout Malaysia so you can find one of their outlets easily.

6.Spend Time With Her

mom shopping
I spend time bringing her to awesome places to shop. Prada Outlet in Hong Kong.

Not everyone stays with their parents and some work in the city while the parents stay at their hometown. You probably meet your parents a few times a year during festive seasons or long holidays. You can take this opportunity to surprise your mom by spending time with her. It could be shopping with her or cooking with her. The most important thing is the time spent together. It worth more than you can imagine.

7.Surprise her with a gift

Our mom will say don’t waste money on gifts, keep it for yourself. Surprise her with a gift, it could be flowers, it could a new kitchen set, a new TV, a new smartphone, a new tablet or even some nice jewelleries. No matter what your mom says, they will still appreciate your gifts. That could be their bragging rights to her friends.

8.Gives Her Money

We don’t recommend this as there is not much sincerity but if money can make wonders then you should give her some ‘pocket’ money during Mother’s Day. Sometime our work demands a lot of time from us or some of us might even work abroad so flying back might not possible so sending her some money for her big day is a small compensation we can do.

There are many other things you can do for Mother’s Day but if you are a good child, you don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to be good for your mom. You can make everyday a Mother’s Day to your mom. Cherish the moment with her and Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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