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Adventure in Perlis Day Two with Santai Magazine

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Adventure in Perlis Day Two with Santai Magazine

It was a hectic and adventurous in our second day in Perlis. Our adventure made possible by Santai Travel Magazine and Tourism Malaysia Perlis. We had a little fun on our first day as most of the time spent on traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Perlis via coach.

We started off the second day by visiting the old mining town of Kaki Bukit 加基武吉. We stopped by a quiet town by the name of Kaki Bukit 加基武吉. As we were told by our tour guide, Mr. Ron this town used to be a mining town. You can tell with a few rows of shops and houses populated by Chinese.

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perlis day2-1

Next, we visited the Perlis State Park which borders Southern Thailand. There, we went for a three hour caving at Gua Wang Burma.

perlis day2-7

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The cave actually connects to another exit on Thailand site and this cave was also used as a hiding place and shelter. Some believe smugglers used this cave to escape the border checks.


Then, we went over to Satun in Thailand without a passport. Satun shares the same border as Wang Kelian and a unique agreement was signed to boost tourism for both towns. For that, no passport is needed from both sides to visit both towns.

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chuping sugar cane plantation6

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We consumed sugar daily but we never seen a sugar cane plantation before. We made a stop at the Chuping Sugarcane Plantations and enjoy the beautiful landscape of sugarcanes.


Thus, we made a pit stop at the hottest place in Malaysia. Malaysia is known for its humidity and we were at this hottest place and the record breaking heat was 40.1 degree Celsius!

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floating mosque1

Last but not least, just before dinner we visited the majestic floating mosque of Al-Hussain. Kuala Perlis is a busy getaway for tourists heading to the popular island of Langkawi and they added Al-Hussain Floating Mosque as the new tourist attractions.

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Lastly, we had a formal dinner with the tourism board from Perlis and we were entertained with performances, dances, good food and also karaoke session. It was a long day indeed and everyone enjoyed themselves. This was made possible by Tourism Malaysia Perlis and Santai Magazine.

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