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Good morning Ladies Market Hong Kong (女人街)

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Good morning Ladies Market Hong Kong (女人街)

You probably heard of it or maybe seen it on magazine, TV or even movies. It is the Ladies Market (女人街) or Tung Choi Street to be precise. Ladies Market (女人街) is located in Mongkok, Kowloon a popular stalls market.
ladies market at night
The kilometre long street has over 100 stalls of bargain clothing, accessories and souvenirs. It is a shopping haven for bargain hunters and also a popular tourist attraction.

I visited Ladies Market numerous times during my holiday in Hong Kong and on my latest trip, I stayed above Ladies Market.

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We all know Ladies Market is usually packed with people like in a can of sardine but have you seen the morning side of it? How does Ladies Market look like in the morning?

Well, good morning Ladies Market Hong Kong (女人街)!
ladies market in the morning 1
This is 9.30 am at Ladies Market. Only locals are around at this time and workers are taking their time assembling their stalls. I’m sure you won’t see this during your trip to Ladies Market.
ladies market in the morning 2
If you are around that area, you can also visit the Sports Shoe Street.

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Ladies Market Hong Kong (女人街) Map:

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