December 5, 2022

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10.The Adventure

Tasmania’s is the Adventure Island. Fly through the trees in the north, plunge into hidden canyons, reignite your spirit conquering our glaciated mountain peaks including Cradle Mountain.

Escape the everyday by diving beneath the surface, hopping on a wilderness cruise or taking a thrilling mountain-bike ride down Mount Wellington. You can rev up or unwind – its your choice.

Visit the Cataract George for one of the most stunning views in Tassie. You won’t be disappointed of the scenery here.

Of course in actual fact, there are more than 10 things to do in Tasmania but in my own opinion this are the important ones.

Please take note that there is snow in Tasmania during winter in the middle of the year. The landscape of some of the places in Tassie will look different during winter. You can consider of traveling to Tasmania during winter for a snow break. Now, you are planning to visit Tasmania soon?


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