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SONY RX10 II Zoom Review with Images

Most of the pictures on my blog are captured with mirror-less camera and my smart phone. I have not been using DSLR for my food and travel assignment for years. If you plan to get a new reliable and versatile camera, SONY RX10 II is one of the options out there. The camera is a fixed lens camera and it is not interchangeable lens camera. The lens is 24-200 mm F2.8 and it is handy for traveling.

SONY RX 10 II (Mark 2)

I have been using the camera for eight months since the day SONY launched it last year. Thus, I am the KOL (Key Opinion Leader) for SONY RX 10 II. It is more like a ‘digital’ ambassador or ‘digital’ evangelist.

For the past eight months, I have travelled to various cities in Thailand, Singapore, Macau, Australia and Hong Kong. I have captured many pictures and the camera is still so far so good even though I am a rough user.

For a real user using the camera for eight months, let me share some of the pictures I took with SONY RX 10 II and also their zoom review. Some pictures are slightly edited.



baan kun ya centerpoint look choop
Thai dessert Look Choop. Picture taken in Malaysia. ISO 800: f/2.8, 1/80

Took this picture during a food review, mainly using natural light without any flash.

house of dancing water men fighting on top
Picture taken at ‘House of Dancing Water’ show in Macau. ISO 2500: f/2.8 1/250

Max the zoom at 200 mm, captured continuous shots and this is the best of the lot. No flash.


macau street evening shot october 5th
Picture taken at October 5th Street in Macau. ISO 1250: f/5.6 1/160

The night starting to dark and captured this before the magic moment. No flash just natural light.

chiang rai peacock close up
Picture taken in Chiang Rai. ISO 1250: f/2.8 1/100

The peacock is caged in one of the farms in Chiang Rai. Took continuous shot as I was waiting for the peacock to move slightly. This is the best of the lot. No flash.

chiang mai flower and bee
Picture taken in Chiang Mai. ISO 205: f/7.1 1/80

There are two bees loitering around the flower so I stood there for minutes to capture this picture of the bee landing. No Flash.

sydney butter moet chandon rose champagne
Chandon Rose for Lunch in Sydney. ISO 1600: f/4 1/60
bondi iceberg sea pools beach overview
Iceberg Bondi Sdyney. ISO 250: f/6.3 1/800

The best view of Bondi Beach, took this picture before the storm. No Flash.

taronga zoo penguins
Pigeons at Taronga Zoo Sydney. ISO 1250: f/2.8 1/3200

The pigeons are stealing the food of the kangaroo in Taronga Zoo. Capture it at 1/3200 during a raining day. You can spot the water droplets. No Flash.

The camera is versatile and the super high speed shuttle speed is useful at times.

We also did some review in the past and they are Sony RX10 II Super High Speed Photography and Sony RX10 II Super Slow Motion Video Test High Frame Rate 1000fps.

For info on the camera, read http://www.sony.com.my/product/dsc-rx10m2

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  1. Thanks for you nice camera review. Sony has always been my preferred brand but I haven’t purchased a Sony before. Maybe I should get this.

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