February 2, 2023

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Durian Tawa D162 Review

It is the start of durian season and the usual durian stalls start opening again. We had tasting different types of durians available in the past few years which include Black Thorn, Golden Phoenix, Musang Queen, Pearl and many more. There are over hundred types of durian types in Malaysia and we only know a handful of them.

Recently, we got our hands to Durian Tawa which is D162. Thus, it is not Durian Tawar, which is an area in Pahang. We got Durian Tawa in Kajang Sg Chua durian stall and the workers there convinced me that Durian Tawa is worth the price which is RM 25 per kg.

The shape of the durian is a bit long in length with large thorn. We were told that the taste is bitter, probably it is more bitter than the XO durian type.

The look of the flesh is not that great but the taste is definitely one of the most bitter ever we tasted. The texture is light and creamy but the bitter taste is strong and we loved it.

For RM 25 per kg during early of the season, it is still reasonable. The issue is this is not a common or popular type durian so you might not find this in many durian stalls. If you like bitter taste durian like XO durian, Durian Tawa is a great alternative which is cheaper in price.

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