January 31, 2023

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Betong Thailand Sea Of Clouds and Skywalk

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Betong Thailand Sea Of Clouds and Skywalk

Everyone are pretty excited when the news of Malaysia Thailand border is opening in April 2022. However, we are still waiting for the full updates of the Malaysia Thailand border standard operating procedure (SOP). We know there are many Malaysians plan to visit Betong when the border reopens and hence we write about this. This is the Betong Sea of Clouds and the new Skywalk.

Before pandemic, many Malaysians visit Betong for their chicken. We are talking about real chicken and we actually went to the chicken farm in Betong a few years back.

Betong is the border town in the province of Yala and it is cooling like Cameron Highlands at certain times of the year.

Many travelers visit Betong for food, shopping and relax including our parents. On top of that, there are durian season during the middle of the year and you can check that out too in the future.

For those who are familiar with Betong, they should have visited Iyerweng, the sea of clouds. It is around less than an hour drive from the town depending on the traffic and crowds.

The best time to visit is around 5 am before the crowd and you can get good spot for the photos. We took the DJI Spark drone to take some aerial shots back then.

Iyerweng was really crowded as we went there few years ago and most of the people there are locals and not tourists.

During the pandemic, the local government built the Skywalk and it is the longest in ASEAN. While we are stuck in Malaysia, we managed to get some photos from our parents who went recently.

This is the Betong Thailand Sea Of Clouds and Skywalk. We believed the Skywalk is fully completed and please wait for the officials to announce the Malaysia Thailand border SOP soon. For all the stories on Betong Thailand, please visit https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/thailand/thailand-betong

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