January 27, 2023

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Macau Hotel Room Is Around RM 50 Per Night

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Macau Hotel Room Is Around RM 50 Per Night

Macau is one of the few countries that I often visit for the past decade. Some of my trips are collaboration with Tourism Macau while most of my trips are just visiting the country, hotel hopping and meeting my friends in Macau. Recently, I watched my Macau friend’s Youtube video stating that Macau Hotel Room is very cheap and lesser than RM 10 per night. However, I did a quick check and most of the Macau Hotel Room Is Around RM 50 Per Night.

Macau’s borders are closed for two years now. I have Malaysian friends are still working there and Macanese friend like Yoliving. You can check out this video from Yoliving on the Macau Hotel Room Is Cheaper than RM 10 per night below. Remember to subscribe to their channel for more updates on Macau.

After we did some checks on Agoda.com, the Macau hotel room rates are cheap but not as cheap as RM 10 but it is ranging from RM 50 per night and above.

One good example is Metropole Macau Hotel. It is a three star hotel and the first hotel I stayed when I visited Macau ten years ago. The rates back then was crazy, around RM 300 and above per night and now it is only RM 50 per night.

If you check out other hotels, even Conrad are charging RM 400 per night. I stayed there few years back and it was over RM 1k per night.

While the Macau hotel room is from RM 50 per night, the reality is the country borders are still closed until further notice. I will update once I received any announcement from Tourism Macau or friends in Macau. What we can see now is what we can’t get!

The Macau Hotel Room Is Around RM 50 Per Night now is real. Read all our stories on Macau at https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/macau-asia-2

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