January 29, 2023

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Top Ten Places I Visited in 2013

There is always a first of everything. This year I will list my humble top ten places I visited this year. I know some people said “top ten” stories are so 2012 but who cares. Most important of all, you like it and you can make your own “top ten” stories as well. Like I said there is always a great beginning. Now the following is my top ten with no particular preference in order.

Bama China

I never believe in longevity as what we eat today is polluted by food science that makes food cheap but taste good. In a small town of Guangxi, the place is called Bama. Bama is a popular longevity town in China. I know it’s hard to believe there is such town after all those fogs and pollutions stories you hear from time to time in big cities in China.

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Bama has more than a dozen of centurions (people aged 100 and above). The oldest is 114 years old but the ones we visited is range between 100 and 110 years old. Thus there are hundreds of them are above 70 years old before reaching the century.


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To go to Bama, you have to travel by van from Nanning. The journey took 3-4 hours.

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