May 28, 2023

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I went to quite a number of cities in Malaysia in 2013 but I choose Melaka. Please do not go harsh on me for not picking Penang for last year.


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Throughout 2013, I travelled to Melaka for a few times and I still enjoy finding good food in this town.

The food is still amazing even though the increase of visitors in the past few years thanks to the UNESCO Heritage Site listing. Some of food prices might increase but they are still affordable.

I enjoy visiting some of the historical site and temples even though I didn’t spend time writing them here. With the increase of tourists, there is a boom of budget and boutique hotels. I was hosted by Quayside Riverview Hotel and boy, they impress me. I am looking forward to visit Melaka again in 2014!

Well those are my top ten places I visited in 2013 and I hope to do the same for 2014. I hope you can do your own top ten, top five or even top twenty. Planned your holiday well and you will enjoy it I’m pretty sure. I wish everyone a great 2014!







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