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Hatyai 3 Days 2 Nights Weekend Itinerary

Updated: 25/11/2016

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This is a very useful itinerary if you are planning to visit Hatyai by car (self-drive), by train or by flight. This itinerary is a mixture of shopping, attractions and sightseeing and this is ideal for individual, group or family.

hatyai 3d 2n large

This is a 3 days 2 nights weekend itinerary and generally it starts from Friday until Sunday. We hope you like this itinerary and we will do more itinerary stories in the near future.

Day One – Friday

There are three options to travel to Hatyai from Malaysia; by car (self-drive), by train or by flight. Either way, you will reach Hatyai around noon time or afternoon depending on your traveling schedule.

Check in your hotel, preferably in the city. Take a short rest and time to flex your muscles and time to discover Hatyai!

Day One – Friday Afternoon

Since it is your first day and probably tired of traveling so the afternoon session will be focusing in the city. You can find many small massage shops in the city and the prices vary but it is cheaper than Malaysia and Bangkok.

For first day afternoon, why not do some shopping in the city?

1) Odean Shopping Mall Hatyai

Odean Shopping Mall Hatyai is one of the prominent shopping malls in Hatyai. It is located near the central of the city and you can walk to Odean if you are staying in the city.

What you can find here is local brands and some International brands that won’t break your budget. Depending on timing, there could be sales too.

Most ladies will spend time buying cheap Wacoal bras and other toiletries as most of them are made in Thailand.

Odean Shopping Mall Hatyai Address:

GF , Odean Shopping Mall Hatyai , 79/7 Thammanoovithee Road , Hatyai , Hatyai , 90110 Songkhla, Thailand

2) Robinson Hatyai

Like Odean Shopping Mall Hatyai, Robinson Hatyai is also located in the middle of the city. You can walk there or take a tuk tuk if you like.

Robinson in Thailand also selling similar local Thai and International brands and they are priced reasonably. There are sales from time to time so it depends when you visit them. You can also find many reasonable priced toiletries and Wacoal bras in Robinson also.

Robinson Hatyai Address:

9, Manasruedee Road,

ถนนธรรมนูญวิถี, ตำบลหาดใหญ่ อำเภอหาดใหญ่ จังหวัดสงขลา

Day One – Friday Evening

There are two options for the first day’s evening. You can continue shop and chill in the city or visit the Hatyai Floating Market or you can do both.

1) Hatyai Khlong Hae Floating Market

The floating market craze hits Hatyai a couple of years ago and they are open during weekends only. Open from Friday till Sunday from 3pm to 9pm, you need to drive out or take a tuk tuk to Khlong Hae Floating Market.

Khlong Hae Floating Market

This floating market is not that big but the experience of having the floating market in Hatyai that is memorable. Of course you can find many good Thai food here. We will recommend you to visit this market on Friday as Saturday’s itinerary is a full day.

Hatyai Khlong Hae Floating Market Address and GPS:

Khlong Hae Khutao Road,

Khlong Hae, Hatyai,


Tel: 074 580888

GPS: 7.04648 ,100.47450

Hatyai Khlong Hae Floating Market Opening Hour:

Friday to Sunday : 3pm to 9pm


2) Lee Gardens Plaza

If you can leave the floating market early, you still can visit Lee Gardens Plaza after that. Located in the middle of the city, many tourists love to visit and stay in Lee Gardens Plaza.

lee garden night

At night, there are many food stalls and also stalls selling clothes at Lee Gardens Plaza. There is also a cinema in the plaza so you can catch a movie at night.

Lee garden swensens

The main reason of tourists coming here is the McDonald’s, The Swensen’s Ice Cream as well as The Boots pharmacy. McDonald’s in Thailand is non-Halal so many will come for its pork Samurai Burger. Swensen’s Ice Cream is cheaper in Thailand and you won’t regret having your dessert here and Boots is a shopping heaven with its unique local brand products at cheaper prices that you can’t resist.

Lee Gardens Plaza Address:

29 Prachatipat Road, Hadyai, Songkhla, 90110, Thailand

Phone:+66 74 261 111

After the long day, you still can have supper at one of the street food stalls in the city or take another massage in the city. Enjoy your evening as Saturday will be a long day.

Day Two – Saturday

This is the most packed day of your three days in Hatyai. You have the option to have breakfast in the hotel or have some Thai food in some of the restaurants in the city.

Day Two – Saturday Morning

Kim Yong Market

Before the malls are opened in Hatyai, you can visit the Kim Yong Market. A traditional market but you can find many Thai products and foods. You can find local food products such as cashew nuts and others at cheaper price. Thus, Thai brand medicines, ointments and creams are plenty here and they are a bargain compare to Malaysia and Singapore. My late grandma will always ask me to buy some creams for her. You can visit this market on Saturday or Sunday morning.

Kim Yong Market Opening Hours: 4 am to 7 pm

Kim Yong Market Address:

Sang Aretit Rd, Hat Yai, Hat Yai District, Songkhla 90110, Thailand

+66 88 768 1007

Day Two – Saturday Afternoon

Refresh yourself and time to move or drive out the city. All the following places are near to each other so you won’t need to come back to the city anymore. This is an easy itinerary for self drive or rent a car or taxi for the whole day to compete the second day itinerary.

1) Central Festival Mall

The mall has 250,000 square meter with 250 retail shops, a frontage width of 185 metres and investment over 6000 million baht. It is the largest shopping mall in Southern Thailand so far as it looks massive.

hatyai central festival mall

If you are looking for mid and high end brands, this is the ideal place for you. The Central Festival Mall Hatyai also offer 3D cinemas and many other quality products.

hatyai central festival mall night

You can skip this if you are not looking for shopping anymore. 

Central Festival Mall Hatyai Address and GPS Coordinate:

Kanchanavanich Road, Hatyai District

Songkhla, Thailand


GPS: 6.99172, 100.48493

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2)Magic Eye 3d Museum 

Magic Eye 3D Musuem is one of the latest places of interest and attractions in Hatyai. The museum is built in this recent years and it has been a hit among the locals and the tourists. It is located on the same road of Central Festival Mall at Kanjavanich Road.

magic eye 3d museum

This two storey fully air conditioned 3D Museum is a fun place for family, friends and couples. Remember to bring your smartphone and camera over for some real 3D photos awesome for social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. 

Magic Eye 3d Museum Address, Contact, Map and GPS:

1408 Kanjavanich Road, Hatyai

Songhkla THAILAND 90110

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3) Quan Yin Temple or Phra Phothisat Kuan Im Nakhon

You can actually spot the temple from the top of the hill by the huge white Quan Yin statue. There are many Buddhists from Malaysia and Singapore praying here. If you are not a Buddhist, you can skip this.

Phra Phothisat Kuan Im Nakhon large guan yin statue hatyai

You can find many donations are made by Singaporeans and Malaysians here. There are many beautiful sculptures of the gods, goddess as well as the twelve animal zodiacs. You can snap plenty of pictures here.

Phra Phothisat Kuan Im Nakhon Address, Location and GPS Coordinate:
GPS: 7.04750, 100.508802



4) Phra Phutthamongkol Maharaj Golden Budhha

Since Ice Dorm is located at the bottom of the hill, you can drive up to visit a few temples and the first one is the Phra Phutthamongkol Maharaj Golden Budhha. If you are not a Buddhist, you can skip this.

Phra Phutthamongkol Maharaj Golden Buddha big statue

You have to drive from Hatyai Ice Dome all the way up to the top (one way) and you will see this majestic Golden Buddha. At this point, you can spot the Hatyai Cable Car and also the beautiful scenic view of the Hatyai city.

Phra Phutthamongkol Maharaj Golden Buddha Hatyai GPS location and coordinate:
GPS: 7.04029, 100.51137

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5) Hat Yai Cable Car

The Hatyai Cable Car is located next to the Golden Buddha or Phra Phutthamongkol Maharaj. It is also located at the top of the Hatyai Hill and this is the fourth place of interest in Hatyai Park.

hatyai cable cars

You can take the cable car to the nearby hills and it is quite packed with tourists during weekends and holidays. They are currently extending the lines with more stations and now who says tourism in Hatyai is boring?

Hat Yai Cable Car Opening Hours:

Open daily 09:00-20:00.

GPS: 7.04029, 100.51137



Day Two – Saturday Evening

1) Hat Yai Park Lantern Festival

There is one last attraction at the bottom of the Hatyai Hill. It is the Hatyai Park Lantern Festival and they are located at the opposite Hatyai Ice Dome. This is a great place to chill and take pictures especially you visited other places of interest in Hatyai Park.

hatyai park lantern festival beijing

This is an ideal spot for couples, families and friends. There is also a lake in the middle of the park. They will change the lanterns from time to time.

Hat Yai Park Lantern Festival Address and GPS:

Thanon Karnjanavanit, Kho Hong, Hat Yai, Songkhla 90110, Thailand

GPS: 7.04067, 100.50838

2) Hatyai ASEAN Night Market

On the way back to the city, you can do the last stop at the weekend Hatyai ASEAN Night Market.It looks like a mini Chatuchak market. It is quite big and there are food stalls and many shopping shops. I was quite amazed by the different things available in this night market.

hatyai asean night market

Most of the sellers are friendly and you can find the latest fashion here, I am serious. If you want to shop here, you spend at least an hour here. This is the last stop of the day before you head back to the city. If you feel too tired, you can skip this place and go back to the hotel.

Hatyai ASEAN Night Market Address and GPS:

Chotiwittayakul 4 Alley

Songhkla THAILAND 90110

GPS: 6.993820, 100.486056

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Day Three – Sunday

This is the last day in Hatyai and you can either visit or revisit the Kim Yong Market for last minute shopping!

Day Three – Sunday Morning

Kim Yong Market

Since Kim Yong Market opens very early and located in the city. It is ideal for last minute shopping and do check your luggage space if you are flying before you shop. For those who are driving back, we are sure you can find one empty spot to fill those shopping bags.

Opening Hours: 4 am to 7 pm


Kim Yong Market Address:

Sang Aretit Rd, Hat Yai, Hat Yai District, Songkhla 90110, Thailand

+66 88 768 1007

2) Wat Hat Yai Nai

 wat hat yai nai temple reclining buddha

If you are Buddisht, you can also do a last minute prayers at Wat Hat Yai Nai. The majestic temple is located in the Hatyai city and it houses one of the largest reclining Buddha in the world? You can check out Wat Hat Yai Nai which is located at Phetchakasem Road, near Khlong U
Taphao Bridge.


Wat Hat Yai Nai Address and GPS Coordinate:

Wat Hat Yai Nai on Phetchakasem Road, near Khlong U
Taphao Bridge, Amphoe Hat Yai, Songkhla
Tel: 0 7423 1055, 0 7423 8518, 0 7424 3747
GPS: 7.003599, 100.454798

Read more at:


Day Three – Sunday Afternoon

Remember to check out of the hotel and if you have time, let’s do more last minute shopping!

You can still visit either the Odean, the Robinson or Lee Gardens Plaza for last minute shopping. It really depends on your schedule and how much space left for you to shop. Thus, we also added more places for you to do last minute shopping on Sunday afternoon.

1) Tops Market Central Hat Yai

Tops Supermarket is located at the Lower Ground Floor of Centara Hotel Hat Yai. Thing that you normally buy are Thai instant noodles, processed meats, rice, Thai food and Thai products. This is one of the few supermarkets in the city and you might drop by before you leave.

Tops Market Central Hat Yai Address:

L5, Central Hat Yai , 1 Sanaehanusorn Road , Hat Yai , Hat Yai , 90110 Songkhla, Thailand

Phone:+66 74 352 516


2) Tesco Lotus Hypermarket

Of course if you are visiting Haytai by self-drive, there are plenty more to shop and what is better than Tesco Lotus Hypermarket? Get really good deals and even though the location of this hypermarket is off the city, it is worth to load your car with your shopping items before driving back to Malaysia or Singapore. This is the last recommendation of the itinerary.

Tesco Lotus Hypermarket Address:

1142 Kanchanavanich Road,

ถ.กาญจนวณิชย์ ตำบลหาดใหญ่ อำเภอหาดใหญ่, สงขลา 90110, Thailand

Phone:+66 74 464 405

Hours: Open today · 8AM–10PM

We hope our Hatyai 3 Days 2 Nights Weekend Itinerary is useful and helpful for you. Do share it among your families and friends. We will do more itinerary posts if everyone likes it. Thank you for reading and hope you have an enjoyable sight seeing trip to Hatyai.

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