Top 7 Places To Visit in Patagonia, ARGENTINA

Top 7 Places To Visit in Patagonia, ARGENTINA

Patagonia is a geographic region of the southern most of South America. Some named Patagonia as “Home of Gods” and “Foot of Gods”, it comprises the southernmost part of Andes mountains that is located in Argentina and Chile. I was in Patagonia earlier this year for 3 weeks which inclusive of 2 weeks of road trip. I would like to share my personal favourite Top 7 Places To Visit in Patagonia.

1. City of Mendoza

The Mendoza province of Argentina has been very popular for its vineyards and winery. Most of the locals will always recommend wines originated from Mendoza.

Malbec is one of the most popular types of wine in Argentina and it is said that the best wines comes from Mendoza, Argentina. One notable change in scenery in Mendoza region is the hazy condition of the landscape. I was told it was the natural moist from the ground. The city of Mendoza also has lovely restaurants and also a casino at Sheraton Hotel. You can travel to Mendoza by air or by land.

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2. UNESCO World Heritage City of Cordoba

As the second largest city of Argentina, Cordoba is one of the first Spanish colonial capital of the region. Declared in 2000, as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, some buildings here are dated in range of hundreds of years old.

The Cathedral which is perhaps the most emblematic structure in the city of Cordoba. Cordoba is located at the north of Mendoza and east of Buenos Aires.

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3. Lake Alumine, Nuequen

If you love camping, this could be a perfect place for you. I bet not much people would know about this place. Lake Alumine is located at Nuequen, with many lodges and resorts surrounding the area. I was there camping with the 4×4 Expedition group for one night. It was my first time in my life camping. The experience was surreal. With the breathtaking view of Lake Alumine, this could be one of the preferred weekend getaway in Patagonia. Lake Alumine is located in between Malargue and Bariloche.

4. Estancia La Angostura Ranch Homestay at Gregores

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Argentina, the ranch homestay experiences of Patagonia. In Gregores, I stayed over at Estancia La Angostura Ranch. The stay included with dinner with authentic Patagonia food such as roast lamb, grill sausages and salads. Thus, there is also activity like horse riding with the view of the wild ducks and also the sheep in the ranch. It is a really unique experience.  Gregores is located in between Los Antiguos and El Calafate. There are also many other ranches available throughout Patagonia, Argentina.

5. Bariloche by the Lake

I fell in love with this place at the first sight. Located by the lake, Bariloche is beautiful. Shopping is heaven here, with a few rows of shops selling the local Patagonia products. Staying in Bariloche could be slightly expensive as it is very popular with tourists. You can also purchase the famous Patagonia chocolates there. Remember to take the cable ride up to the hill for a breathtaking view of the beautiful city of Bariloche.

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6. Perito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate

El Calafate, a town named after the famous Argentine black berry. It is located near the famous Perito Moreno glacier. Named after the 19th century explorer Francisco Moreno, Perito Moreno spans 250 km2. It is the largest glacier in the region and one of the most important tourist attractions in Patagonia Argentina.

We spent a full day visiting Perito Moreno Glacier at the Perito Moreno National Park by cruise and also by driving up to the mountain to have the best view of Perito Moreno glacier. Many tourists from around the world gathered here to see the glacier. The best way to go to El Calafate is by air.

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7. City Of Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the World

Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world. It is located at the end of Patagonia. Served as the closest port for cruises to Antarctica, the city has a population around 100 thousand people. Different cruises will come and go at different days, which make Ushuaia an important destination for cruise tourists.

The city itself has 2 casinos and plenty of restaurants serving fresh king crabs. Other tourist attractions will include the “End of the World” train ride, the lighthouse cruise, the Penguin Island cruise and the local museums.

Ushuaia is the last port and the nearest port to Antarctica. Antarctica cruises are available there with a minimum of 10-11 days of cruise and estimation of USD 5000 per person for the cruise fees. The easiest way to travel to Ushuaia is by air and by sea. Otherwise, you can have a 2 weeks road trip like me from Buenos Aires via Route 40 with the most amazing views of Patagonia.

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