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  1. Crab Congee

The crab congee is a hidden gem and a local’s favourite food. You might never hear about it before but it is a local delicacy.

Congee or rice porridge is cooked with water crab. The congee is waterish and it comes with hints of the taste of the water crab.

The taste is a bit bland but this is how it is. Please do not expect each and every single food must be rich in flavour.

One of the most popular restaurants in Macau serving water crab congee is at Seng Cheong. It is located Rua da Cunha.



  1. Almond Cookies

In the 1920s, there were various traditional bakery shops established in Macau. Since then they created a local specialty of Macau, the almond cookies.

There were a few big bakeries such as Koi Kei Bakery, Chui Heong Bakery and Yee Kee Bakery, and many more small shops in the market. Now you can find the big shops almost everywhere in Macau and brand like Koi Kei Bakery also open its wings in a few Asian countries.

The almond cookies are usually sold freshly in shops. They are round in shapes and usually beige in colour and you can see bits of almonds in the cookies.

The cookies are fragrant with scent of the almond and the texture of the biscuit depends on bakery but usually it is slightly hard so it won’t be easily crushed. Depending on bakeries, some almond cookies can be sweet while some is as good as it can get.

It is a good souvenir to buy from Macau as now they are sealed packed in beautiful boxes and packaging.

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  1. Please, correct the name, is not balcalhau but bacalhau. A simple search in google may show the correct portuguese word for Cod fish: bacalhau. Cheers, Nuno

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