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  1. Sweet pork jerky

Sweet pork jerky is Macanese version of “bak kua”. Their version of pork jerky is bigger in size and thicker. They have different types of pork jerky and you can find them in Senado Square.

macau top 12 food sweet pork jerky

Usually they sell in large piece or they will cut into pieces and packed in nicely for you to bring back as souvenir.

Depending on shops, the taste differs but as we mentioned the jerky is thicker but the taste is not too bad. It depends on your taste palette.

If you are a “bak kua” lover, this is something you try and buy.


12 Bacalhau

Bacalhau is a common dish in Portugal and you can have it in Macau. Bacalhau is baked salted cod fish with potatoes.

This is a simple dish and yet interesting. Well, cod fish is not a cheap fish and they use salted cod fish and baked it with potatoes. The taste is salty, you can taste the fragrant of the olives and the texture of the salted cod fish is not as hard as the usual salted fish.

macau top 12 food balcalhau

If you are a salted fish lover, you should try this. You can find Bacalhau in most Portuguese restaurants in Macau.

We have listed the Top 12 Food in Macau and there are a few food that we didn’t put in the list. Some of them are peanut candy, Portuguese suckling pork and “African Chicken”. Please take note the Top 12 Food in Macau is based on our opinions with the advice of our Macanese friends. We have visited Macau four times so far and hope to visit the beautiful country again.

Please enjoy the Top 12 Food in Macau when you travel there.

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  1. Please, correct the name, is not balcalhau but bacalhau. A simple search in google may show the correct portuguese word for Cod fish: bacalhau. Cheers, Nuno

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